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66 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Right Now (Consumer Reports)
The October print 2016 Consumer Reports article (online is dated 9/20/16) cites to Ten Minute Mail and 65 other ways to protect your online privacy:
October 23, 2016

Women and Politics: Chi-Raq (Spike Lee), Pussy Fights Back (Nation), and If Hillary Groped Men (NYT)
Maybe we need a political party named “Better Candidates.” Most of us would vote for “Better Candidates” in our local elections, too. Sigh. In the meantime, these popped up during my morning tour of our interweb estate:
October 20, 2016

Another Oregon Public Law Librarian Honored: Jennifer Dalglish
This time it’s a county law librarian, Jennifer Dalglish, Director of the Clackamas County Law Library.
October 19, 2016