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U.S. Supreme Court Web Citation Link Rot Fix (UC Berkeley)
If you think the U.S. Supreme Court posts official versions of their opinions on their website … hahaha … I have a virtual bridge and an inside WH or Congressional source to sell you for $1B dollars. (Tip: Beware of any source who charges too much or too little and read those disclaimers, e.g.
April 3, 2017

More Sources of Free Full-text Versions of Articles
People like “free.’ People like getting free content from other people who paid for the content. Long live the free-loader, long live the person who spends $20 in time and gas looking for a free parking spot instead of paying $10 for a paid space! It’s the principle, isn’t it?
April 3, 2017

Oregon Judicial Branch Online Records: Free, Public Access to Selected Court Documents
Oregon Judicial Department Online Records Search: Free, Public Access:
March 27, 2017