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Always Use the Serial (aka Oxford or Harvard) Comma in Legal Documents
You may or may not use a serial comma wherever (or nowhere) else you want, but woe to the person who leaves the serial comma out of legal documents, including contracts, legal opinions, statutes, regulations, and any other legal agreement or law that will be interpreted literally (and I mean literally, literally) by parties to the agreement or by a judge – or even,
April 17, 2019

Legal Humor News (BBC): Chief Judge, Juror … and Chief Bottlewasher?
Hilarious April 2019 story out of England, via the BBC: Judge asked to be relieved of jury duty – because he was the judge in the case. But it gets worse! The Jury Central Summoning Bureau first told him, no, you’ll have to serve. Ha ha ha. Read the story:
April 17, 2019

Surveys I’ll Never Take or, Make Me Want to Take Your Survey!
Library school student, librarian, and other information professional survey makers: this post is for you. Most of us want to help you out, especially if your survey results may help us out, but even if it’s just to support a student or a colleague. We’re happy to take your survey … IF you follow some basic rules, which most of you never do:
April 14, 2019