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Washington County Law Librarians Set Hours in Beaverton and Tigard
In an effort to make law library services more widely available, a law librarian is now on duty to provide assistance on a walk-in basis at both the Beaverton City Main Library and Tigard Public Library, once each month. The law librarian can help find legal resources and documents, as well as assist in using online legal research tools unique to the Law Library. Although they cannot offer legal advice, law librarians can refer people to agencies or organizations that might be able to provide some assistance.
March 12, 2019

Legal Services Corporation Highlights Library Initiative White Paper
The Legal Services Corporation recently highlighted their 2016 Library Initiative White Paper. The article points out that “[t]here are more than 16,000 public libraries in the United States, offering free public access to computers, the internet, and to trained staff equipped to help library patrons access information.
March 5, 2019

Polluted by Money: How corporate cash corrupted one of the greenest states in America (Oregonian)
The Oregonian’s 4-part series (starting 2/22/19) on money in Oregon politics:
February 28, 2019