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Find Help With Student Debt without Digging a Deeper Hole
Please do your research before despairing, screaming, and especially before signing anything or saying anything to collection agencies. (Yikes). In the latter situation, the rule is, Say Nothing (but take detailed notes), until you talk to a professional. What you say to a debt collector CAN be held against you. Look for trustworthy sources of student debt information and even then, double and triple check on the accuracy of the advice given.
December 4, 2018

Book: Yale Law School Guide to Research in American Legal History
Scroll down if you want to skip this intro and go right to the book’s bibliographic info. The first article I wrote as a new law librarian (I’m now retired!) was on the difference between the meaning of “primary source”  when researching history and the meaning of “primary source” when researching the law. (Yes, there is overlap, but it’s important to understand the distinction so you don’t confuse your readers or your students.)
October 11, 2018