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Welcome to the Oregon Legal Research gateway powered by Oregon public law librarians and their Access to Justice partners.

Our goal is to promote justice by providing all Oregonians with access to legal information and legal research assistance.

Access to justice under the Oregon Constitution requires more than simple access to legal information or the courts.

Oregon Legal Research Blog
The Other Lottery (not Shirley): Selecting Presidents, Legislators, and Judges By Lottery
A recent (Season 5) Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History podcast reminded me that there is a long history of elections by lottery. (Revisionist History, Malcolm Gladwell, The Powerball Revolution, Season 5, Episode 3.)
July 6, 2020

Oregon Legal Research Website and Blog Succession Plan and History
Stay tuned for changes to our Oregon Legal Research (OLR) website and blog management team. Nothing but good times ahead! Succession:
June 29, 2020

Oregon Legal Assistance Resource Guides
Oregon legal ASSISTANCE resource guides are different from legal RESEARCH resource guides. Legal ASSISTANCE resource guides, are guides and directories to government and nonprofit organizations that connect you to lawyers who can provide legal advice from licensed Oregon attorneys. Legal RESEARCH resource guides, are directions, instructions, and road maps on where and how to research a legal problem or question.
June 29, 2020