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“Who Let the Dogs Out?” Music, Copyright, Wikipedia Mystery, and Rabbit Holes
Hat tip to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio (via the Google Play app) where I first read / heard about this 2019 documentary.
May 2, 2019

Your “Good” Case Might Not Be So “Good” After All: BCite, KeyCite, Shepard’s
Golden Rule of Legal Writing: Never, ever cite to anything you haven’t read carefully. There is a reason law librarians try to drill that rule into the heads of lawyers and law students (and journalists):
April 23, 2019

Presidential Misconduct thru the Ages: House Report on the Impeachment of Richard Nixon (1974)
Without access to a library that subscribes to a Congressional documents database (or that has retained the print), you will have a devil of a time finding many Congressional documents, especially those before the 94th Congress (1975-76) or after 1865.
April 19, 2019