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Welcome to the Oregon Legal Research gateway powered by Oregon public law librarians and their Access to Justice partners.

Our goal is to promote justice by providing all Oregonians with access to legal information and legal research assistance.

Access to justice under the Oregon Constitution requires more than simple access to legal information or the courts.

Oregon Legal Research Blog
Legal Self Help: Expungements, DACA, and Gender Marker Changes Legal Assistance and Clinics (Oregon)
Do you need legal help with expungements, DACA renewal, County Circuit Court navigation, legal name and gender marker changes, and other legal assistance, self-help, and referrals?
February 9, 2021

Another View of the Textualism and Statutory Interpretation Theory Cathedral (Jot Well)
Review: The Multiple Faces of Textualism (Jot Well, Jan 15, 2021) Article reviewed: Tara Leigh Grove, Which Textualism?, 134 Harv. L. Rev. 265 (2020).
February 1, 2021

Oregon Diversity Legal Job Fair March 9-10, 2021
Oregon Diversity Legal Job Fair (ODLJF), March 9-10 2021. ODLJF is using the Brazen platform for this event.
February 1, 2021