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Book: Yale Law School Guide to Research in American Legal History
Scroll down if you want to skip this intro and go right to the book’s bibliographic info. The first article I wrote as a new law librarian (I’m now retired!) was on the difference between the meaning of “primary source”  when researching history and the meaning of “primary source” when researching the law. (Yes, there is overlap, but it’s important to understand the distinction so you don’t confuse your readers or your students.)
October 11, 2018

Free Legal Research Databases for all Oregonians
If you are not a licensed Oregon attorney and you need to perform thorough legal research (vs “googling a legal problem,” yikes), you have free access to some of the same legal research databases that Oregon attorneys use: Fastcase is one of them and you have remote access to it through your State of Oregon Law Library (SOLL).
October 11, 2018

Shouldn’t Every Day be Constitution Day (not just 9/17)?
Happy U.S. Constitution Day! There must be a cocktail you can drink to toast the U.S. Constitution, its origins, and improvements (yes, the founders knew the U.S.
September 17, 2018