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I’m having issues with my landlord, what can I do?

County law librarians are asked lots of landlord-tenant questions by public librarians and by law library patrons.

The following are useful sources of information about landlord tenant law in Oregon and often help with questions about renting to relatives, being a landlord, service animals, renting a room in someone’s house, etc.

Landlord / Tenant & Eviction Issues in Oregon (video, 2021) - Linn County Law Library and Legal Aid

Landlord / Tenant & Eviction Issues in Oregon and Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties (video, 2022) - Linn County Law Library

Oregon Community Alliance of Tenants (includes Renters' Rights Hotline)

Eviction Defense Project, Oregon Law Center

Housing Law Resources, OregonLawHelp

Legal Aid Directory, OregonLawHelp

Landlord and Tenant Law Information, Oregon State Bar

Lawyer Referral Service, Oregon State Bar

Posts on Landlord Tenant Law, Oregon Legal Research Blog

Fair Housing Council of Oregon

Fair Housing, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Nolo Self-Help Books - online via the State of Oregon Law Library

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), Title 10 - Property Rights and Transactions, Sections 90 (residential landlord and tenant), 91 (tenancy), 105 (FED).

Landlord/Tenant Rights in Oregon, Haas, Janay, 2004.


For more help,contact your local county law library or another Oregon law library.